Try it out—public alpha 7

Fontclod is a (soon to be open source) font editor for the web. It’s in public alpha, so try it out! If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact +Brian Zick


Since Fontclod is in alpha, a lot of what’s here may be changing soon. But here’s a rundown of current basic usage:

Load & Save

To save a file, on the menu click on File > Save. You will then be presented with a textbox full of code. Copy this code into a plain text editor like TextEdit, Notepad, or Gedit. Save this with any name you desire, optionally appending “.clod” to the end.

Loading is much the reverse. Click File > Load, and paste the code into the box that appears.

Add or Remove Glyphs

Adding glyphs, is done pressing the + at the bottom of the glyph list on the right, and choosing a name for the glyph. To remove a glyph, select the glyph, and press the - button at the bottom of the glyph list.

You can change a glyph’s name by double clicking its name in the list.

Selecting and Moving Points

Click on a point to select it. Holding shift allows you to select more points. You can select handles or points. Click and drag part of your selection to move it. You can nudge your selection with your arrow keys, and holding down shift will nudge ten units instead of one. Right now there is no box selection implemented.

Placing and Removing Points

To place points, at present, hold Ctrl and click on the canvas. To close a contour, select one of its end points, hold Ctrl and click on the other end point. Add a handle by pulling on the red or blue circle surrounding a point. Remove points or handles by selecting them and pressing backspace.

Undo, Redo

Undo and redo are available from the Edit menu or by pressing ctrl + z, or ctrl + shift + z, respectively.


To move around the viewport, press space and move your mouse around the screen.

Things we’re working on

Try out Fontclod alpha

For developers: Fontclod source will be released during beta.

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